Celebrity Homepages

CelebrityHomepages.net is a one stop place for all artists, talents, celebrities, athletes, producers, agents and managers who need a quality feature-rich official website.

CelebrityHomepages.net is a new entertainment service/product showcase from Web Style Media, LLC — a company that has set a benchmark in producing high quality powerful websites for any kind of business.

If you are artist/talent/athlete/celebrity

Web Style Media, LLC can build you a new official website with amazing features:

  • Custom exclusive design especially for you
  • Secure and usable content administration area — you will be able to edit everything yourself without extra technical knowledge (No need to pay someone for upkeep on your website!)
  • Audio, Video and Photo galleries
  • News, Events, Biography pages, Blogs
  • Fan community: forums, chats
  • Social profile integration — your Tweets and Facebook posts will be visible on your site as well as news automatically cross-posted to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • Social feedback integration — Like This boxes, Tweet This, +1, etc
  • Plugins integration: SoundCloud, iTunes, Youtube, etc
  • Custom e-commerce fan store, e-ticketing system
  • Custom Facebook and Google Plus pages, exclusive Twitter backgrounds

If you are agent/manager/producer

Web Style Media, LLC offers you a strong partnership between your agency and our company:

  • We can handle all website development for your artists and talents
  • Our software quality and performance are highly competitive with solutions from Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group etc
  • Rapid software deployment — with our prototyped software distributions we are able to deploy a quality website in a matter of one month
  • Affordable prices — we are an outsourcing company with prices significantly lower than other major players
  • Fantastic support 24x7
  • Additional solutions for Internet Advertising and Marketing

Homepage showcases

Showcases will be published shortly. Please contact us for private showcase demonstration